Arm Wrestle Competition

Tall Poppy CultureIdeaGroup 6-10 mins
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Secondary, Primary 5-8


To demonstrate to students that it is possible to move from being someone who lost, to someone who celebrates the winner. To show that celebrating others can be fun, and is appreciated by the recipient.

We walk away knowing

Celebrating one another's successes is fun!

Who's the champion?

Each person has an Arm Wrestle with another person. The player that loses jumps behind the winner and becomes their greatest fan. They encourage and cheer them on as much as possible. The winner wrestles the next person and so on, until there are two lines of people cheering the final two competitors. The person who wins the final battle is the champion.


  • We all have different strengths. Some of us are really good at Arm Wrestling and others are not. Do you think we would have had the same winner if we had a spelling competition, a maths quiz or a sprinting race? Why?
  • To the winner – how did it feel to have everyone cheering for you in your strength?
  • What did you notice about this game? Were you happy to support someone else when you lost the arm wrestle? Do you think as Kiwis we are good at celebrating another person’s success?
  • How does it make you feel to celebrate and cheer other people on?
  • How do you think Arm Wrestlers get better at Arm Wrestling? And how do Sprinters get better at Sprinting? They train! Why do we train? To get stronger! As we use our strengths, we get stronger and better at them.

Do it Differently

You can do this same activity with the game: Paper, Scissors, Rock instead of an arm wrestle.

You could try a limbo competition, or a spelling bee - any simple competition as long as competitors can become cheerers when they're eliminated.