Ask Me!

Others MatterIdeaGroup 16-30 mins
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Primary 5-8, Secondary


To understand how asking questions can show people that you value them and are interested in them.

We walk away knowing

Asking people questions shows them I am interested in who they are.

What do you want to know?

It can be easy to be focussed on ourselves and forget to be interested in those around us. An easy way to show others that they matter is being interested in them, and the best way to do this is asking them questions!

Ask you class to explain why it is good to ask questions about each other. You can lead the discussion to help them come up with some of these ideas:

Benefits of Asking Questions

  • You learn things about the people around you that you wouldn't know otherwise
  • You may find things you have in common which helps you connect
  • If you are ever shy, or at a loss for what to say, asking a question can start a conversation
  • Asking people questions is a great way of showing you are interested in other people
  • Being interested in other people, is a great way to show them you value them
  • If you know more about a person, you can understand them better, and this may help you see their actions and choices from a different perspective
  • As we learn more about others, we become more empathetic and better able to understand the people around us

You may wish to role model asking some questions, and follow up questions to show how it's done.

You could then brainstorm some different questions that would be good to ask people.

Then give your students some time in pairs to ask questions. You may wish to put them in two rows, and have one row move down a person at a time, so that the pairs mix around, or do it randomly. Ask your class to ask some questions of the person they have been paired up with.

Below is an image of some easy starter questions that you can display to get your class going if needed.