Celebrate Someone

Others MatterPrintablesIndividual 11-15 mins
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Primary1-4, Primary 5-8, Secondary, Whānau


Encourage young people to celebrate others and lift them up.

We walk away knowing

I can show someone else that they have value.

Celebrate others and lift them up.

These simple activities have been created to help tamariki celebrate and lift up others.

They could be given for a birthday, to encourage, or to support someone going through a rough time.

Choose from one of the following ideas:

  • A Special Memory- write about a special memory you have of that person
  • Top 10 Reasons - list the top 10 reasons you are grateful for the person
  • You're Awesome rosette - colour the rosette in and gift it to someone
  • Special Person Voucher - give the person a voucher, filling it out with what you will give them, hugs, encouragement, a meal anything you like!