Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson: The Kiwi Sense of Humour

Tall Poppy CultureVideoGroup 1-2 mins
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Secondary, Tertiary, Whānau


To understand where the line is between a joke and hurting someone's feelings.

We walk away knowing

Make sure you are certain a joke will be in good humour and not hurt someone.


  • Do you agree that the Kiwi sense of humour often includes jabbing others and jabbing ourselves?
  • Why is it important to learn to laugh at yourself?
  • Do you have the ability to laugh at yourself? How can this be learned?
  • Do you agree that mostly you can know where the line is between making a joke that is funny and making a joke that is mean?
  • How can we keep the kiwi sense of humour, but also be kind to others?