Circles of Support Activity

You Have ValuePrintablesIndividual 16-30 mins
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To help young people identify the people in their lives that are available to support them when needed.

We walk away knowing

There are people in my life that I can ask for help. There are things I can do which will make me feel better.

Who do you have in your life to help you?

This activity is designed to help students consider the different people in their lives who support them in different ways, and the activities they can do to help themselves feel better when things are going badly.

Please use professional wisdom when doing this activity and coach students through it. We don’t want students to be left thinking that they don’t have any support if they have to leave any of the circles blank. You might want to remind the whole group of the different support people that are available to them through school, so that everyone has some names in the circles from the start.

You may also need to provide some other examples to coach students through the activity, for example "I like to go for a walk by myself when I have had a hard day" or "I like to phone my mum when I have a problem I can't solve on my own."