Coach Wellbeing - Finding your own Support Networks

Tall Poppy CultureVideoIndividual 3-5 mins
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Coaches and Management


Helen shares her thoughts on how and why she has been able to coach for so many years, and gives some great advice to younger coaches.

We walk away knowing

Coaching can be a hard job, and it's important to invest in yourself as a coach and value yourself.


Helen asks some bold questions of herself and then is able to explain her own answers.

Have a think about a few of the questions she asks:

  • Where do you find value/place value as a coach?
  • Do you have a mentor within the coaching space? If not, who could you ask for that extra support?
  • What are the surrounding relationships you could lean on to help take the pressure off yourself? (We Succeed Together). If you coach with a team, our resource Making Effective Use of Coaching Staff could also be helpful.