Create a Waka Wall Display

We Succeed TogetherPrintablesGroup 31-60 mins
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ECE, Primary 1-4


To illustrate the idea of We Succeed Together visually, by putting the faces of your group onto the paddlers on a waka.

We walk away knowing

We are all on the same team, we can work together for the good of all!

He Waka Eke Noa!

In this activity, you can visually demonstrate the idea of We Succeed Together by constructing a waka on your wall filled with the members of your group or class!


The waka print file has two end pieces and one centre piece, these will all connect together. You can print as many centre pieces as you need to fit the members of your class or group in.

You can print these as A4 files, or enlarge to A3 depending on how big you would like your waka to be.

You can colour or paint and decorate your waka how you would like!

Next, print a paddler for each member of your class. This works best if you use a thicker paper or a card.

You can either colour these and draw faces onto each paddler, or you can take a photo of each child's face and attach it to the paddler. Then pop all your paddlers into the waka on your wall!

Next Steps

  • Listen to the song He Waka Eke Noa
  • Talk about how working as a team is like paddling a waka, everyone needs to do their part.
  • Refer to your waka when you talk about teamwork or do other activities about succeeding together.