Dame Sue Bagshaw on Believing in Yourself and Others

Others MatterVideoIndividual 6-10 mins
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Secondary, Tertiary, Whānau


To explore

We walk away knowing

We all matter, we all have value and we can all contribute when we believe in each other and work together.


  • What is Dame Sue's experience of being a "token" and "not quite so able" how did this make her feel? Have you ever felt like this?
  • Dame Sue says it is important that we realise "nobody can do anything on their own". Why do you think this is an important lesson?
  • Dame Sue says we need to realise that "you matter, but so do other people". Why do you think this is an important lesson?
  • Have you had people in your life that have believed in you? What difference does that make? What would it feel like to have no one believing in you?
  • Dame Sue says a good relationship needs to be give and take. Do you agree? Why is this so important?