E Tū Tāngata Tangram

We Succeed TogetherDownloadGroup 6-10 mins
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Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8, Secondary, Whanau


Practice the strand 'We Succeed Together'

We walk away knowing

How to work together as a team

Recreate the E Tū Tāngata logo as a great group. Students to work together in small groups to put the pieces of the E Tu Tangata logo in order.

Talk about their experience in working together to complete the project.

Example questions:

  • How did you find working in a team?
  • Was it fun or difficult? What made it that way?
  • Did your team listen to everyone or did someone take the lead?
  • How could you work more effectively as a team?

There is a template on page 2 to help arrange the pieces if needed.