Encourage Me Acrostic Poem

You Have ValueIdeaIndividual 16-30 mins
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Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8


To identify some of the good qualities I have and share them with others.

We walk away knowing

I can identify some of the great things about me.

Ask students to write empowering traits, characteristics, strengths or abilities about themselves in an acrostic poem using their name (first and last if they want). If students get stuck on a letter, other students can empower them by giving them empowering words or sentences to describe themselves.

You can adapt this activity according to writing ability; students can use one word answers or sentences/phrases.

For example:

M indful - I am mindful of myself and others around me

A wesome at many things

T enacious - I don't give up easily

T alanted at helping my classmates

H ealthy and happy

E xtraordinary - I am unique and this makes me extraordinary

W orthy - I am of high worth

If students need help with vocabulary, you can use the download of adjective vocabulary cards to inspire them. This is also useful for enriching their vocabulary.

This activity gets students to think about their self-worth and the positive things they bring to the world, empowering themselves. They can also empower others by helping each other come up with encouraging and empowering descriptive words.

You could also try writing an acrostic poem for someone else, to encourage them!