Encourage Me

You Have ValueIdeaGroup 16-30 mins
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Primary 5-8, Secondary


To practise encouraging one another and receiving compliments from others.

We walk away knowing

That others notice the good things about us and we can make sure we pay attention to the good things about others.

Be an Encourager!

There are a number of ways you could do this with your class, depending on what would work for them!

  1. The Hot Seat: Place a seat at the front of the class and ask a student to sit on it. Other students can take turns to give the student a compliment or say something that they admire about them. You could give everyone a turn, or make it something you do with a different student in the hot seat each day. This could even be a tradition that you do the week of each student's birthday!
  2. Lines of Encouragement: Divide the class into two lines, have the lines face each other. Each pair can give each other a compliment or say something they admire about the other person. Then one line moves up so that new pairs are formed. When doing it this way, ensure that you linger close to anyone you might be concerned could use this as an opportunity to say something unkind.
  3. Messages of Encouragement: Each student can put their name in the middle of an A3 sheet. Then the sheets can be passed around the room and each student can write a message about what they appreciate about that person.


  • How does it feel to receive compliments and encouragement?
  • How does it feel to give compliments and encouragement?
  • How could you make it a daily practise to encourage people?