Professional Footballer, Gabi Rennie: Finding the Balance in Being Humble and Proud

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Players and Athletes, Secondary


To highlight the fact that our culture doesn't encourage us to "sell ourselves" and "be proud".

We walk away knowing

You can remain humble and still be proud of your achievements.

Culture clash...

After playing football in the USA, Gabi Rennie noticed a difference in the culture there where selling yourself is encouraged, compared with here in New Zealand where we are encouraged to stay humble.

She explains that she is trying to find the balance of staying humble while also being proud of what she has accomplished.


  • Gabi says that in the USA the culture encourages people to "sell yourself". What does that mean to you?
  • Have you ever tried to "sell yourself"? What is uncomfortable or comfortable about that?
  • Gabi says she was reluctant to wear her New Zealand representative gear here in New Zealand. Why do you think she felt this way? Do you understand her feeling that way?
  • Do you think it's possible to find a balance between being humble and proud?

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