Getting Started with E Tū Tāngata

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Coaches and Management


To provide a guideline of how to implement E Tū Tāngata in clubs and teams.

We walk away knowing

Where to begin with E Tū Tāngata.

E Tū Tāngata is an initiative focused on tackling our culture of criticism (Tall Poppy Syndrome) in New Zealand.

Just to be clear, E Tū Tāngata is not a programme. E Tū Tāngata is a mindset or way of thinking.

It’s a conversation-based tool centred around the following three core principles (or as we call them, strands); You Have Value, We Succeed Together, Others Matter.

We want to empower and equip you to facilitate conversations about the three strands of E Tū Tāngata. That’s why we’ve created the E Tū Tāngata Implementation Framework, to help you get started and run this in your club.

We encourage everyone to use this framework as a starting point, but the implementation can and will look different for every club and sports team.

While this framework is a good guide, don’t be limited to just this rollout plan. E Tū Tāngata has been designed so that you can fit the conversations around your existing kaupapa and implement them how they best suit your club/sports team.

The big conversation at the moment in sports is participation vs. performance.

We believe that E Tū Tāngata is the solution to this debate. The E Tū Tāngata framework increases participation which has led to enhanced performance.

Check out the downloadable Implementation Plan below, to get ideas of how you could incorporate E Tū Tāngata into your club or sports team.

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