Group Juggle

We Succeed TogetherIdeaGroup 11-15 mins
  • EN


Primary 5-8, Secondary


To juggle as many balls as possible as a group without dropping them. To explore concepts of unity, togetherness, collaboration and cooperation.

We walk away knowing

There is strength in unity and we can succeed when we work together.


  • A variety of balls


  1. The group stands in a circle.
  2. Start by creating a sequence; one person throws a ball to another person, but not the person on either side of them and so on.
  3. Once the sequence is in rhythm and everyone has received the ball once, add another ball to the juggle.
  4. If a player drops a ball the whole team must start again.


  • What happened?
  • What learning can we take from this?
  • How can we apply this learning to our lives?
  • How does it help us to E Tū Tāngata?