Humility Role Plays

We Succeed TogetherIdeaGroup 31-60 mins
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Primary 5-8


To explore the difference between false humility and humility.

We walk away knowing

How to communicate achievements we are proud of with humility.


  1. Divide your class into small groups of 4-6 students.
  2. Present each group with one of the below scenarios to act out.
  3. They must act out both humility and its opposites (boastfulness, pride, arrogance, pretentiousness, conceit, egoism, haughtiness, self-importance) in their scenario.


  • Winning a sport game
  • Parents built a new house
  • Got 100% on a recent test
  • Bought an expensive gift for a friend’s birthday
  • Parents took me shopping on the weekend for new shoes and clothes


  • What did you notice about when each group acted out their scenario opposite of humility?
  • What was different when they showed humility?
  • What do you think this says about our kiwi culture? Do we respect humility? Are we boastful?
  • Who are your family members who show humility? Do you have an example?
  • Who are some well-known New Zealanders who show humility? Do you have an example?


What is one way you can show humility this week?