Introducing... An Interview Activity

Others MatterPrintablesGroup 16-30 mins
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Primary 1-4


To demonstrate that each of us is unique and special, we should take time to get to know others and see them as valuable.

We walk away knowing

I can ask questions to find out more about the people around me. The people around me are interesting and valuable.

Find out about someone else!

This activity is designed to help tamariki take the time to learn about someone else.

If your students are independent writers, you can divide them into pairs and give them each a worksheet to fill out about the other person. Try to put them in a pair with someone they don't usually work or play with.

Once they have finished, they can decorate and colour their worksheets to make an attractive wall display.

You could also add a verbal language component by asking each pair to present their introductions to the class.

If you have younger tamariki who are not yet writing independently this can be a great addition to a morning mat time. Take one student per morning, ask them the questions and complete the worksheet for them. Give them their moment in the spotlight in front of the class. They can then decorate their own worksheet and you can add one each day to a wall display.

You could also use these questions to facilitate a conversation activity without the worksheet, where you divide your class into pairs and get them to talk about their answers.