Joe Schmidt talks about his Experience of Tall Poppy Culture

Tall Poppy CultureVideoIndividual 3-5 mins
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Coaches and Players, Management


To hear Joe's story and learn from his experience.

We walk away knowing

Even successful people struggle with Tall Poppy culture.


This video was filmed during a very busy week for Joe, because of sickness in the coaching team, he had to unexpectedly step up into the head coaching role of the All Blacks in the week of a test match. This is what he is referring to at the start of this video.

He also speaks about his previous role as coach of Ireland's rugby team, and the different culture he experienced there, in terms of people lifting him up.


  • Joe mentions that "copping some flak" is "part of the job" but goes on to say "I'm not sure it has to be". What do you think about this?
  • How can we have healthy discussion about performance without pulling people down?
  • What differences did you note in Joe's experience of the public's reaction to him in Ireland? What do you think this shows about the different culture here?
  • Joe mentions that even elite sportspeople can quickly lose confidence when they experience failure. How can we look after people, so that they feel supported when facing difficult times like this?