Kindness Ripple

Others MatterIdeaGroup 11-15 mins
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Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8, Secondary


To know and understand when we look outside ourselves we see that we are apart of something greater.

We walk away knowing

How the ripple effect has a big impact on ourselves and others.


  • Bowl of water
  • 1 bottle of food colouring


  1. Place a bowl of water at the front of the class and explain that the bowl represents your community.
  2. Ask one student to come and put one drop of food colouring into the bowl. One drop of food colouring represents one kind act that one of us does in the community. What do you notice about the drop?
  3. Ask another student to come and put one drop of food colouring into the bowl. What do you notice now?
  4. Ask a few other students to come and put one drop of food colouring each into the bowl. What is happening to the colour of the water?


  • What happened? What happened when there was just one drop (one kind act) in the community? What happened each time there was another kind act?
  • What learning can we take from this?
  • What does this demonstration tell you about the ripple effect?
  • How can we apply this learning to our lives? How does it help us to E Tū Tāngata – Stand Together?


One kind act, or drop of food colouring, spreads to the water right around it. When one person shows an act of kindness, it spreads to the people around them. When another kind act is shown the colour spreads even further. When we experience kindness and then show it to others a ripple effect takes place. Kindness spreads like a ripple!