Lift Ups

You Have ValuePrintablesIndividual 6-10 mins
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Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8, Secondary, Whānau


Encourage people to lift one another up by acknowledging them and what they've done.

We walk away knowing

We can all encourage others.

Celebrate one another!

These simple notes have been designed to facilitate celebrating and acknowledging one another.

There is a simple version for tamariki who have not yet mastered writing, and versions to complete for students who can write more specific praise.

You may wish to have a postbox in your classroom where students can anonymously send Lift Up notes to one another with you acting as postie.

You may wish to have a stash in your desk and hand them out to students to encourage them when you notice them doing something good.

You may wish to set aside a small period of time each week where students can all fill out a Lift Up for another person.

However you use the Lift Ups, remind people that they have value and that it's easy to take a moment to acknowledge someone else and lift them up.