Look At All These People! - Poem

Others MatterPrintablesIndividual 11-15 mins
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Primary 5-8, Secondary


To encourage students to think about how all people are different and all people are valuable.

We walk away knowing

Other people are important.

Every Person Matters!

This poem explores the idea that each and every person on earth is a valuable and complex person, with inherent value.

This is a great starting off point for a discussion about how remembering that every person is valuable can help us treat other people kindly.


  • What part of the poem stood out to you?
  • Sometimes we can forget that other people are as real as we are. But all people have as many thoughts and feelings as we do. Is it hard to imagine all the people of the world walking around full of thoughts?
  • Why is it important to remember that all people have worries and dreams?
  • How can we use this poem to remember to treat people well?
  • Sometimes when someone does something we don't like we can take it personally, but it's good to remember that everyone is living their own life and has worries and problems we don't know about. Maybe the person who pushed in line had a really hard day and is feeling sad or angry? How could thinking about people's lives help you to treat others more kindly?