Loopy Tunes Music: You Are a Taonga

You Have ValueAudioIndividual 31-60 mins
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ECE, Primary 1-4, Whānau


Help tamariki see and remember that they have value.

We walk away knowing

You are a taonga. I'm a taonga too!

You are a Taonga! I'm a Taonga too!

This catchy song communicates the idea of You Have Value to young children with the idea that we are all taonga, we are all treasures. Find the song on all digital platforms using this link: https://bfan.link/you-are-a-taonga <<

You are a Taonga is a collaboration between E Tū Tāngata and the amazing Loopy Tunes Preschool Music.

Find out more about Loopy Tunes here: loopytunespreschoolmusic.com

Find the lyric video, lyric printables, lyric slides and a chord chart to play along below...

For some extra fun, try these activities:

You can also make an I am a Taonga crown using this resource: Make an 'I am a Taonga' Crown

You can make your own treasure chest using this resource: Fold Your Own Treasure Chest

You are a Taonga: Lyric Video

Sing along with this easy to follow lyric video.

You are a Taonga: Ukulele Chord Video

Play along with this easy to follow ukulele chord video.