Making Effective Use of Coaching Staff

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Coaches and Management


To help coaches think about how they can involve the entire coaching staff to reach high success and team ownership.

We walk away knowing

When every member of the coaching staff feels empowered to do their job, the team dynamic will thrive.

Often, when we see a team holding up a trophy, we think that it was due to the players on the day and the coach. That’s the thing with successes, you don’t see the hard work, the sacrifice, the team of supporters, trainers, medics, the list goes on.

Acknowledging the importance of everyone that has been involved in the functioning of a single team and how integral they are is very important.

Others Matter is the third strand of E Tū Tāngata and this strand encourages us to acknowledge and think about others. It is important for us to treat everyone with the value that we know we all have.


Thinking about this, could you meet with your coaching staff before the season begins and discuss the following?

  • Individual skill sets and what they bring to the team
  • Who does what at trainings?
  • Set a regular meeting time to plan trainings and game day

It is important for us to recognise everyone that inputs into helping a sports team run, whether they are the team manager, or a passionate parent on the sideline. Every member matters and could even have a bigger influence on the team than what you are aware of.

E Tū Tāngata: Others Matter

Next Steps / Follow Up:

Create a regular time through out the season to catch up with the coaching staff to ensure that everyone is still on board with the original agreements and the coaching dynamic.

It is important to continue to facilitate a space where individuals feel safe to share how they feel through the season.

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