My Circles of Influence

You Have ValuePrintablesIndividual 16-30 mins
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Primary 5-8, Secondary


To help students consider the different influences in their lives, both positive and negative.

We walk away knowing

There are lots of influences in my life, and I can choose to give good influences more attention.

What has the biggest influence on you?

Using the My Circle of Influence worksheet, ask students to identify the people and things that are in their ‘circles of influence’.


Write the influences that are in your life into the circles of how often you see/experience them.

  1. People: write down the names of the people you see daily, weekly, monthly etc
  2. Media: write down the different media you interact with daily, weekly monthly etc. These include: TV shows, social media, music, advertising, online games etc.
  3. Circle or highlight all the things that are a positive influence on you, that help you to be a better person, achieve your goals or support you when you need it.
  4. In a different colour, circle or highlight the things that are negative influences on you. Things that pull you down, leave you feeling bad or take you away from your goals.


  • What does this picture show you about your Circles of Influence?
  • Do you have some supportive relationships that are helping you to be the person you want to be and achieve the future you want? Are you helping others?
  • What else did you learn? Any new insights?
  • What will you do differently now that you understand the influence that the people in your Circle of Influence have on you?
  • How does this activity help you reflect on the E Tū Tāngata strand: You Have Value?
  • How does this activity help you reflect on the E Tū Tāngata strand: We Succeed Together?


Use a different coloured pen to add in the people that you have an influence on. Are you being a good influence on them? Are you building others up and showing them their value?