My Value, My Character, My Goals

You Have ValuePrintablesIndividual 16-30 mins
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Secondary, Primary 5-8


To help students see the difference between their personal value, character and goals/achievements.

We walk away knowing

I will always have value. I can develop my character. I can work towards my goals.

I have value. I'm building my character. I'm aiming for my goals.

In this activity, students will learn about three key concepts: Value, Character and Achievements. They decide on ways they can remind themselves of their own value, aspects of their character they want to work on developing, and some goals they want to set for things they can achieve. This activity can be revisited often as students work to achieve their goals.


Printed worksheets.


Explain the difference between the three concepts: Value, Character and Achievements.

  • Value is yours regardless of anything else, as a human being you are valuable.
  • Character is the word which describes the qualities and attributes we display, like patience, kindness, perseverance. We can develop our characters and grow our strengths in these areas. We can decide on the kind of character we want to have and work towards growing those traits.
  • Achievements are the things you have achieved through work and effort. These could be things like running a longer distance than you have before, getting on a sports team, scoring a goal, getting high marks in a subject.

Because we know we are valuable people, we can be motivated to be all we can be. This could mean developing your character and striving towards some goals you have set for yourself.

Give students time to complete the worksheet. Depending on the students, you could get them to share their aims or keep them private. Decide as a class when you will revisit this activity and store the worksheets somewhere where you can revisit them easily.


Remind students that win or lose, they have value. As people who know their value, they can have high expectations of themselves and strive to be the best they can be.

Follow Up

Schedule a time to relook at student goals.