NZ Men's Netball Team: 'You Have Value'

You Have ValueVideoIndividual 11-15 mins
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To understand the first strand of E Tū Tāngata, You Have Value, and the impact that it can have on the culture and success of a team.

We walk away knowing

Knowing your own value and worth helps you to acknowledge the worth in others.

Explore the first strand of E Tū Tāngata: You Have Value, with your group by watching this impact story from the New Zealand Men's Netball Team.


  • How does knowing your own value impact the way you see and relate to others?
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing when you feel proud of yourself?
  • How can you start to remember your value in your day to day life?
  • How can you encourage others to see their own value?

Start the conversation...

At the end of the video, lead your group through the following actions:


What does it look like to know you have value?


Discuss your ideas with the group.


Decide on an action point.