Professional Netball Coach, Marianne Delaney-Hoshek: E Tū Tāngata and Positive Coaching

Tall Poppy CultureVideoIndividual 1-2 mins
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Coaches and Managers


To understand the impact E Tū Tāngata could have on your coaching.

We walk away knowing

E Tū Tāngata will have a positive impact on your team or club.

Marianne shares with us what she terms 'positive coaching' in her team and how the mindset of E Tū Tāngata works well with this. She explains why she believes E Tū Tāngata is worthwhile for coaches to implement in their teams.


  • How can you use positive coaching?
  • Have you seen examples of positive coaching from other coaches?
  • How do you think E Tū Tāngata would work within your team?
  • How can you incorporate this mindset in your coaching?