Professional Netball Coach, Noeline Taurua: Believe in Yourself and Stand in Who You Are

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Coaches, Managers, Players and Educators


Dame Noeline challenges us to understand the role that standing strong in your identity has for knowing your value and succeeding together.

We walk away knowing

It is important to know your identity and stand strong in who you are, as an individual and as a team.

Are you standing strong in who you are?

Listen to Dame Noeline talk about why she believes it's important to know who you are and to stand strong in your identity.


  • Dame Noeline says that you need strong individuals to make a good team. How can you make sure that strong individuals can work well together without clashing?
  • Dame Noeline mentions having a clear purpose and intent. How do you think this would help a team to work well together?
  • Dame Noeline says that it is important to know your identity as an individual, but also to have an identity as a group, in her case the Silver Ferns. How can you establish a clear group identity?
  • Can you think of teams or groups which have a clear identity? What difference does this make?
  • She links knowing your identity to staying strong, win or lose. How do you think having a strong identity would help you deal with a hard loss?
  • "When you think of that value and you hold that mirror up, the value not is only yourself, but also the value you bring from the people you belong to." Do you feel that you are able to look in the mirror and see someone of value? Would it help to think of the people you belong to as adding to your value?
  • "You think of yourself, you think of your house, you think of a team and you think of the backbone. That's where the strength comes (from)." Does it help you to feel strong in your identity to think about the different people and groups that make up who you are?

Next Steps

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