Professional Netball Player, Karin Burger: The Personal Benefits of Overcoming a Tall Poppy Mindset

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Players and Athletes, Secondary, Whānau


To understand that it is important to start the process of overcoming the Tall Poppy mindset for each of us individually.

We walk away knowing

Overcoming Tall Poppy Syndrome and valuing yourself is a learning curve. It will take time, but it is worth it.

Hear from one of our New Zealand Netball players, Karin Burger as she shares some of her journey with Tall Poppy Syndrome and how we can change culture.


  • Have you felt this Tall Poppy mindset in your life?
  • How can you take the first step to start valuing yourself?
  • Do you see the difference between being cocky and embracing yourself as you are?
  • Karin says this is a "learning curve". This means you can't just start valuing yourself and never struggle with this again. How can we continue to remind ourselves that we have value?

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