Professional Rugby Player, Israel Dagg, speaks on 'Others Matter'

Others MatterVideoGroup 3-5 mins
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Coaches, Players, Secondary, Tertiary


Understand how we can show other people matter by checking in on them

We walk away knowing

I can make a difference to someone by simple actions.


  • How does what Izzy has to say link with the strand 'Others Matter'?
  • Izzy mentions the importance of knowing that others matter, particularly when working as a team. Why do you think this is so important?
  • Izzy mentions asking people how they are doing. How could small check-ins with others make a difference?
  • Have you ever had someone check in on you when you needed it? How did that affect you?
  • Izzy says "we are all a big family." How could seeing the human race as a big family help you remember that others matter?
  • How could your group do a better job of showing others that they matter?

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