We Succeed TogetherIdeaGroup 6-10 mins
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Primary 5-8, Secondary


To explore concepts of unity, togetherness, collaboration and cooperation.

We walk away knowing

There is strength in unity and we can succeed when we work together.


To get all groups doing the same signal in the least number of tries. The group must cooperate together without using verbal communication.


  1. Split the group into 4 different teams and send them to 4 corners of the room (10m apart).
  2. Each team must come up with a team signal (a thumbs up for example).
  3. On the count of 3, teams do their signal at the same time to show each other.
  4. Once they have seen each other’s signal, give them time to deliberate. They must decide if they are going to continue to do their own signal or another teams. You may need to remind them of the aim of the game at some point!
  5. Repeat until each team is doing the same signal.
  6. If they are able to do this, introduce a new round where the aim is to get everyone doing a different signal that isn’t their own.


  • What happened?
  • What learning can we take from this?
  • How can we apply this learning to our lives?
  • How does it help us to E Tū Tāngata?