Setting a Positive Team Culture

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To shift the culture of higher division sports where an individual’s value is determined by how well they perform.

We walk away knowing

Winning is important, but losing should never have an impact on an individual’s identity.

Often in sports the competition becomes the main thing.

As coaches, our identity and the standard we expect is based on results; getting the win at the end of the day becomes the most important thing. Because of this, we can view our players as ‘robotic athletes’ rather than people.

When we react to our players based on their performance it subtly communicates that their worth is based on their performance and that the only importance or value they have to the team is when they can perform at their best.

Competing is important, but we need to create a team culture where a player’s identity isn’t defined by their performance. Winning creates a certain sense of euphoria, whereas losing can be deeply disappointing.

The difference is that while a player can be disappointed in their performance, they shouldn’t internalise that and believe that they are a disappointment.

A loss shouldn’t devastate a person, but instead inspire them to try again.

Check out the 'Action/Challenge Points' in the document below to help you create a positive team culture.

setting a postive team culture worksheet