Sports Broadcaster Scotty Stevenson: Overcoming Tall Poppy Syndrome

Tall Poppy CultureVideoIndividual 3-5 mins
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Secondary, Tertiary, Whānau


To understand practically what we can do to help shift towards a better culture in New Zealand.

We walk away knowing

Even the small things I do to make myself and the people around me feel better about themselves, add up to make real change.


  • Scotty says he reflected on the way he had participated in Tall Poppy Culture. How have you participated in this culture?
  • What is one thing that you could do today, that could help 'shift the dial' for the people around you?
  • Scotty explains that the more you do to make others feel good about themselves, the more you develop as a person and feel good about who you are. Have you found that to be true?
  • Scotty emphasises that it's not just bad habits that are hard to break, but good habits are also. How can we create good habits in the way we speak to each other and to ourselves?