Sports Broadcaster Scotty Stevenson: Own Your Success

You Have ValueVideoIndividual 1-2 mins
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Secondary, Tertiary, Whānau, Educators


To understand a different perspective on success.

We walk away knowing

Success can be made up of small things, and living fully in the moment.


  • What did you envisage success to be when you were younger? How has this changed as you have grown older?
  • Scotty says that social media is "obliterating our sense of perspective" on success. What do you think he means by this?
  • "Success come(s) back to... small things" . What are the small things that you think of that are success for you?
  • Scotty mentions that he sees success as being able to sit and breathe and enjoy life without the clutter. Do you feel that you are able to do this? What happens when you can?