Your Identity - Bridge Activity for Players and Athletes

You Have ValuePrintablesIndividual 11-15 mins
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Coaches and Players


For players to recognise their inherent value as a human.

We walk away knowing

We are multi-dimensional individuals who are valuable simply because we are.

You have value simply because you are.

You might be an amazing player or athlete, however, that does not make you any more or less valuable.

When you are involved in sport, it is sometimes hard to see beyond the next game. Performance is important. However, it’s crucial to remember that sport is just one of the aspects that makes you who you are.

There is life outside of sport (!) and it’s vital to remember this, especially on the days when you have a bad game or give a lacklustre performance.

The purpose of this team activity is for players to recognise their inherent value as a human.

We want the team to take time to understand their value goes beyond things they own and what they have achieved, but includes who they are as a person. Owning and naming the many variants that make us who we are reminds us that we are multi-dimensional.

What You Will Need:

- Print off downloadable Bridge Activity

- Pens

This activity links to the Steve Hansen Video: Steve Hansen: Knowing Your Value and Identity (Christy: Proof)

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