The Morning Poem

Tall Poppy CultureDownloadGroup 1-2 mins
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ECE, Primary 1-4


To reinforce the idea that there is space for all of us to succeed. This poem can work as an affirmation in your classroom space, that everyone is welcome and there is space for each one of us.

We walk away knowing

There is enough space here for each of us to be all we can be.

There is space for all of us here...

One of the underlying principles of Tall Poppy Syndrome is the idea that there is not enough success to go around, that another person's success limits our success. This poem seeks to set the tone that in your learning space there is room for every student to succeed, and for every student to be who they are.

This poem can be used as a one-off or it can be used as an affirmation to start the morning each morning.

There are also optional instructions to add actions to the words by stretching as you say the poem.

This could be a lovely transition task between morning mat time and the next learning activity.

You can choose from a pdf printable, or project the slides to read the poem together.