The Puzzle Poem and Activities

We Succeed TogetherPrintablesGroup 6-10 mins
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Primary 1-4, ECE


To illustrate the idea that each of us can contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

We walk away knowing

I have an important part to play in my group.

We all have our own special part to play...


This short poem should get little ones thinking about how each of us can contribute to something larger than ourselves.

The poem can be printed out in colour or black and white. The black and white image can be coloured in.

Read the poem together and talk about what it means.

To create a class puzzle display, print a puzzle piece for each student for them to decorate to represent themselves. When they're all finished display them on the wall, connected into a new work of art!

You can also connect with the student’s families through this activity. Print one of the personal puzzle worksheets for each student. They can take them home to complete a puzzle showing they are part of a community.

We walk away knowing... that while each individual is unique, when we work together we can create something bigger as a group.