The Three Strands in Our School

We Succeed TogetherPrintablesGroup 16-30 mins
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Leadership and Management


Take a big-picture view of how you want to communicate the three strands of E Tū Tāngata in your school. What are you already doing? What could you easily do? What would you love to do?

We walk away knowing

I am already doing things that show the three strands to my students, and there are some more things I can easily do.

Take a big-picture view...

This activity is designed to help teachers take a big-picture view of how they can communicate the three strands of E Tū Tāngata with their learners.

Print these sheets off in a large size and use them as brainstorming sheets.

There is one sheet for each strand, and under that teachers can identify: "What we are already doing", "What we could do easily", and "Dreaming big, it would be great to..."

You can get teachers working in groups, one group on each value and then rotate the sheets around and add to them.