This is how we roll: Dice activity

You Have ValuePrintablesGroup 6-10 mins
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Primary, Secondary, Whānau


To practise giving and receiving compliments, and sharing strengths - both of which Tall Poppy culture makes difficult.

We walk away knowing

I can share my strengths and dreams with others. I can give compliments. I can receive compliments.

What are your dreams? Who do you look up to? What are you proud of?

One of the results of Tall Poppy culture is that we can be reluctant to share our dreams, aspirations and achievements with others. Another result of Tall Poppy culture is that we can be bad at giving and receiving compliments!

Practise both these skills with this fun dice game!

You can use this any way you want: If you have a spare five minutes, get someone to throw the dice, or you could take some time to give everyone a turn! Put in on the dinner table to use with your family, or have it in the staffroom!

The person who throws the dice follows the instructions they read and completes the task.

To make the dice, simply print the template, cut around the edge, fold along the dotted lines, and tape or glue together. We find laminating the paper before folding helps the dice to last.