Values Underneath the Action

Others MatterPrintablesGroup 16-30 mins
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Secondary, Primary 5-8


To help students think about why simple courtesies are important. To help students understand that outward actions demonstrate internal values and priorities.

We walk away knowing

I can demonstrate my internal values outwardly.

What values do my actions show?

In this simple activity, students are invited to think about how everyday actions and courtesies are an opportunity to show others that they matter. Students can use the structured ideas or a blank worksheet to delve deeper into the idea that our actions demonstrate our values, and the way we treat others shows them that they matter.


Printable worksheet


  1. Choose either the blank worksheet, or the one with structured suggestions. You may wish to start with the structured suggestions, and then on another day, do the same thing again with the blank worksheet so that students can volunteer/brainstorm the actions they believe are important.
  2. Explain what you are doing. “We are exploring which values our simple, everyday actions demonstrate. We might not stop to think about it, but the things we do everyday shows us what we truly think is important. As teachers we expect our students to do some of these things, sometimes without explaining why, let's take some time to think about the reasons.”
  3. Have students work together to fill in the column about the values that the simple actions show. Discuss these as a group


Remember that the simple things we do everyday show us what we really think is important. There are simple things we can do to show other people that they are valuable. Using manners, being considerate, being polite are simple things we can do, but they have a greater meaning, they show others that we know they matter.

Follow Up

If you have used the structured worksheet, revisit this again with the blank worksheet so students can fill the left hand column with their own thoughts.