Vocabulary of Positive Words!

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Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8


To give tamariki a wide vocabulary of positive words they can use to describe themselves and others.

We walk away knowing

There are lots of good things about me. There are lots of good things about others.

Great words to describe great people!

It can be hard to find the right words to describe yourself positively, or to encourage others, if you don't yet have the vocabulary.

Help your tamariki learn new positive ways to describe themselves and others with this A-Z of positive words!

You can use these words in different ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Write an acrostic poem with the letters of your name Encourage Me Acrostic Poem
  • Display the words on your walls and refer to them when encouraging students and giving praise.
  • Print and laminate the word cards, and get students to work in groups, finding words for themselves and for other members of their group.
  • Each day choose a different student and have other members of the class choose some positive words that describe them and give examples.
  • Add the word that starts with each letter of the alphabet to your list when doing handwriting, and take a second to explain the meaning.
  • Choose words to describe the main character of the stories you read.
  • If writing birthday cards or thank-you cards, use some of the words to give a compliment!