We Are All Different: Find Someone Who...

Others MatterPrintablesGroup 11-15 mins
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ECE, Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8


To encourage tamariki to show interest in other people, so that they can learn more about the people around them.

We walk away knowing

I can find out more about the people around me and this helps me see that they matter.

Korero. Whakarongo. Akohia.

Talk, listen and learn!

In this activity tamariki are encouraged to chat with people they wouldn't normally chat with, and find out more about them! The aim of this activity is to reinforce the strand of Others Matter, by supporting tamariki to see that other people have a different perspective, different likes and dislikes and different thoughts. This helps reinforce the idea that all people are valuable.

For younger students, a teacher can run this activity verbally.

For older students, you may wish to give them each a printed copy and let them mingle!


  • Did you find someone for every question?
  • Did you find out something about someone else that you didn't know before?
  • Did anything you found out surprise you?
  • What can we learn from this activity?
  • How did this activity demonstrate that Others Matter?

Next Steps

Why not try an activity where students interview each other in more detail? Or take time each morning to feature a different student sharing something about themselves?