We Are All Valuable - Classroom Display

You Have ValuePrintablesGroup 31-60 mins
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Primary 1-4, ECE


To showcase each class member side by side to show that everyone is different but everyone is valuable.

We walk away knowing

We are all different. We are all valuable.

We are all different, we are all valuable.

Create a personalised paper doll display around your classroom, showing how each member of your class is different and each is valuable.


  • Printed paper dolls
  • Felts or colouring pencils
  • Optional fabric, wool and other decorations to add


Give each member of your group or class a paper doll to decorate and colour to represent themselves.

You might want to use fabric, wool or fun stickers, or just draw!

Once everyone has made one, display them on the wall so that they are all holding hands, or tape the hands together and string them across the room! You can add one of our banners to complete the display too!