We Succeed Together: Everyone Contributes, Everyone Benefits

We Succeed TogetherPrintablesGroup 11-15 mins
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Management and Leadership


Articulate how your staff work best together, what strengths people have that can be drawn from, and what weaknesses can be supported.

We walk away knowing

Within a team when everyone contributes, everyone will benefit.

Everyone Contributes. Everyone Benefits.

This short activity is designed for staff to complete in their teams, departments, syndicates or groups.

It is designed to help staff articulate how they can support their team, where they need support from their team and in what areas they are ready to take a lead.

Follow Up

Once everyone has completed their sheet, share together what ideas you had. You may like to do this as a discussion together, or get staff to do it one on one with their leader to ensure they are able to be vulnerable about their areas of struggle.

The team leader/HOD may wish to collate the responses and communicate themes.

You may identify that many staff need greater support, and need to ask another team for some help, or you may be equipped to offer support to another team.

You may identify a hole in the strengths of your group, for example, all of a team may feel well-equipped for teaching literacy, and have a weakness in physical education. What will you do with this information?

Hopefully this short activity will help you work better as a team and succeed together.