Weaving Together

We Succeed TogetherPrintablesGroup 31-60 mins
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Primary 1-4, Primary 7-8


To Succeed Together in action, creating something beautiful with students from different levels working together.

We walk away knowing

I can work with other people to make something awesome.

Make something special together!

In this activity, students will work with a group to create woven paper mats. This is a great activity to get older students to join in with younger students and practise succeeding together. Colour and decorate the paper strips, and then weave them together to create something beautiful. Show students that working together can be fun.


Colouring pens or pencils


Printed strips


This activity is designed for older students to work alongside younger students to create something beautiful together. You might like to do this with a buddy class.

  1. Print the strips. There are different kinds of designs for colouring, some more intricate for the older students and some more simple.
  2. Have students colour strips of their choice. You could do this with the younger and older students separately as preparation, or you could do this together.
  3. Have the older students work with buddies and teach them how to weave the strips together. Use strips coloured by both students mixed together to create your weaving.
  4. Display the students' beautiful work on the wall. You may like to display them around a sign explaining how you worked together to created the weaving.


Remind students that this is an example of We Succeed Together. The older students taught the younger ones a new skill and everyone collaborated to make something beautiful.

Next Steps

Think of other ways older and younger students could work together in your classes. This is We Succeed Together in action.