What Are My Strengths?

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To start a conversation about how different people have different strengths.

We walk away knowing

All of us have strengths that come naturally to us, and some things that are harder for us.

What are your strengths?

Exploring your strengths can be a great way of understanding your value. We all have different things that come naturally to us, and other traits that we have to work harder to develop. Leaning into our strengths can help us feel our value and contribute in the best way.

Both the VIA Youth Strengths assessment and Clifton StrengthsExplorer are valuable tools to help young people explore their strengths. They are amazing resources that really help individuals to understand themselves and act out of their strengths.

This short and easy activity is a starter if you would like to think about strengths without using a formal online tool.

To use this activity, simply print the tables and highlight the things that you think come naturally to you, that you don't have to work hard to be or do.

You could also get a different perspective by highlighting in a different colour the things that you think are strengths for each other.

There are also some gaps that can be filled with ideas that aren't on the list.

Have a conversation about the way that the strengths identified have played out in each of your lives.

This is a great activity to encourage one another in the good things you can observe in each other.

  • Please note this particular strengths activity is just a different way of opening a conversation about strengths, if you would like to explore this further, please use the VIA or Clifton Strengths programmes which are robustly researched.