Word Match

You Have ValuePrintablesGroup 31-60 mins
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Primary 5-8, Secondary


To give students new language to call out greatness in themselves and one another.

We walk away knowing

Some new positive words that we can use to encourage ourselves and others.

Add to your positive word power!

When giving someone a compliment, or encouraging them, it can be helpful to know good words to describe what you're seeing in them.

In this simple game, you will match the definitions of positive words with the words themselves and learn some new words along the way!

The aim of this activity is to increase students’ vocabulary of positive words hoping that they will then notice opportunities to use positive words to describe both themselves and others. Knowing a descriptive word may even help students to notice something positive they haven't noticed before.

Download the pdfs and print them. You may wish to laminate them so they can be used again and again.

Cut along the lines and shuffle them up before using.


  • What words stuck out to you?
  • Were there any words you hadn’t heard before?
  • When do you think you could use some of these words to encourage someone else?

More Ideas

Following on from this, you could get the students to identify words which describe themselves; or in pairs, identify words which describe others in the class. You, as the teacher, could identify a word which describes each student and encourage them with the word; if appropriate you could ask others to add to what you say with examples and encouragement.