Words Have Power

Others MatterIdeaGroup 6-10 mins
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Primary 1-4, Primary 5-8, Secondary


To know and understand the power of our words both positively and negatively.

We walk away knowing

Some new communication techniques.


  • Toothpaste or tomato paste


  1. Take a tube of toothpaste or tomato paste.
  2. Have everyone share some of the words they have said to others to bring them down (or perhaps have said to themselves) without using names.
  3. Squeeze the tube with each statement shared.
  4. Then set the challenge to get all the contents back into the tube. I guarantee you no one will be able to do it because it’s way too hard. That’s like our words, once spoken they cannot be taken back.


Words have power, they have the ability to build up and encourage or to tear down and discourage. It’s your choice how you use words and it’s your choice which words you accept and reject.

  • Why do you think words have so much power?
  • How can you respond when you hear negative words?
  • How can you respond when you hear positive words?
  • What can you be doing to make word choices that encourage?
  • How do you figure out whether to believe words spoken to you or about you?