You Have Value Conversation Facilitated by Artist, Mr G Hoete

You Have ValueVideoGroup 16-30 mins
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Secondary, Whānau, Workplace


To introduce the first strand of E Tū Tāngata: You Have Value

We walk away knowing

You Have Value: your value is about who you are, not just what you do.

Start the conversation

This facilitated video is the ideal first step for exploring the strand of You Have Value.

In this video, Mr G explains that he went through a dark time of depression where he felt he had no value, but he was helped by his wife, who could see his worth.

This video has pauses for discussion with your group. If you would like to hear Mr G's story without the pauses click here Artist, Mr G Hoete's Story: Learning to Believe I Had Value

You Have Value with Mr G Hoete


  • What parts of Mr G's story resonated with you?
  • Have you ever placed your value in what you do above who you are?
  • How can we learn to see ourselves as valuable regardless of our feelings or circumstances?