Your Identity - Bridge Activity

You Have ValuePrintablesIndividual 31-60 mins
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Intermediate, Secondary, Adults


Individuals understand that each person’s identity is multi-faceted and if one part of a person’s identity cracks, there are other parts to draw on. Having an understanding of your identity as multi-faceted increases resilience.

We walk away knowing

That we are people who hold value in many different areas, we are not just what we do. When one part of our lives goes wrong, there are other things going right.

I am more than just what I do.


  • Internet Access
  • Projector for video
  • Steve Hansen video link
  • Bridge worksheet printed
  • Quotes to project, or printed.


This activity is to remind students that their identity is made up of many facets. This is inspired by what Steve Hansen says in the video about his own value.

Steve reminds us that our identity is like a bridge made up of many planks. He says “I am not just a rugby coach”. When one plank breaks, the whole bridge doesn’t fall. Use this video with your students to start the conversation about the different planks that make up their identity. 

Students can use the bridge printable to fill in the planks of the bridge with the different aspects of their identity. Often students start with their relationships because those are the examples that Steve Hansen uses in the video, so once they have thought of a few of those, you can steer them to add other parts of their identity e.g. athlete, reader, encourager, dancer.

Once they have completed the identity planks of the bridge, remind your students that they also have intrinsic value, outside of the concrete things that make up their identity. Their identity as a human person makes them valuable on its own.

You can then share the quotes from the printable Value Quotes for Bridge Activity. These quotes are from a variety of sources and support the idea that all people have intrinsic value. Students can choose a quote that resonates with them and put that quote along the guardrails. The guardrails will remind us that even if all those aspects of our identity were damaged, we would still have worth. If students have a faith they could put a statement of value from their faith along the guardrail, or a personal motto they like to live by.

You may like to add something that the students can put up the sides of the bridge as well. Some students have enjoyed putting their character strengths along those spokes. 


  1. How has this activity reminded you that you have value?
  2. What can you do when a part of your identity or one of the things on your bridge is challenged? For example, if you are a football player, but you then got dropped from a sports team? How can you remember that you have value when/if one of the planks of the bridge breaks?
  3. Share some of the things that make up your identity with trusted people around you. Spend some time chatting and encouraging one another.

Next Steps

Mr G- My Story You Have Value video is a good place to go from here.

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