Building a Prosthetic Arm with Lego

6-10 mins


Primary 5-8, Secondary


To see someone overcome a challenge with ingenuity and positivity.

We walk away knowing

It is worth it to try and be creative when we face challenges and limitations.

Building an arm with Lego!

In this awesome video, David Aguilar explains how he was born with an arm which hadn't fully developed, and how he built himself a prosthetic arm with Lego.

You might like to use this video as a start to chat about these questions:

  • David says that people were unkind to him, because he looked different. What do you think of this?
  • When David first tried to build an arm, it wasn't strong enough. It took David nine years to try again, but this time he succeeded! What can we learn from him?
  • David says "I'm just a normal guy" but to some of us he might look different because his arm looks different. What can we learn from this?
  • What does David's story teach us about You Have Value?
  • What does David's story teach us about Others Matter?

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Next Steps: Watch David build a Lego arm for an eight year old boy called Beknur. Making a Lego Prosthetic Arm for Beknur

Building a Lego Prosthetic Arm!